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Pep Up Your Instant!

The World’s First Effect Layer for your Instant Photography


Pack No2 includes these three reusable KONO!RAMA™ Layers:

>>SHADOW PLAY The layer for the perfect silent movie look. Make the new look vintage with a staged shadow play of vignettes and charming traces of usage.  Pep up your Instant 

>>CHECKERED Fancy a game of chess? This effect divides your photo into shiny and matte areas that create an interesting depth. Ideally suited for landscape and architectural photography. Pep up your Instant 

>>PUZZLED The fastest puzzle in the world and all the pieces fit. Just Stick & Shoot and you've already solved your unique puzzle.

For best results use on sunny days. Results may vary.

All KONO!RAMA Layers are:

>> Reusable 

>> Made in Germany 

>> Easy to handle – just Stick and Shoot

>> Work with instax® INSTANT FILM 

Content: 3 KONO!RAMA Effect Layers, 6 adhesive strips, 1 Tutorial

instax® is a registered trademark of the FUJI Film Corporation