Brand new Flic Elektra 35mm C-41 colour film now in stock!
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A very environmentally friendly developer that can safely be flushed down the drain or into your septic system without guilt or harm. The active developer is Vitamin C and the superadditive is Phenidone, long known as a low toxin developer. The developers are carried in an alkaline solution that is commonly used for a hand cream emulsifier and a pH balancer in shampoo. Shelf life is very long. It is a high concentration developer that is diluted 1:49 and can be mixed as needed. Use development times for Kodak D-76 1:2. This comes in a 250ml bottle which will make 12.5 litres of working solution with a total capacity of 50 rolls of film.

Flic B/W & Green Developer: 250ml

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